The Heron connections

Fred Heron (1974-1954) and Caroline Murray (1890-1956) were married in December 1908.  Earlier in the same year, in July, Fred Heron was also engaged as ‘handy man’ to Dr Harry Glover, to look after the Island cottage and garden and to supervise livestock, for a wage of £1 a week.  Fred and Caroline lived on the Island from 1908 to 1919, and their eldest children spent their early years there also. In 1919 they moved to 21 Garden Street (the site of the present Doctors’ surgery) in Gatehouse.  Fred was a carter for many years.


Fred Heron is standing upright, by the oars


Fred Heron as an old man, with two grandsons in Gatehouse


Fred Heron and Caroline Murray had twelve children, most of whom reproduced vigorously in their turn.  This explains why Heron descendants were overwhelmingly the most numerous in the company that took part in the Easter Expedition 2007

Below left is the eldest daughter of their eldest daughter, Elsie Bisset, aged 7 in 1940, in Gatehouse.  Below right is Elsie Young (Bisset), aged 74 in 2007, who lives in New South Wales.  She and her husband came from Australia especially for the Easter expedition.

A Lonsdale family group at Freekirk.  Owen Lonsdale, at left of the group, is another grandson of Fred Heron, through his mother Evelyn.  We met by chance, with some members of his family, on the beach in August 2005 (see How it started).  Compare this photograph around the big rock at Freekirk, taken in 2005, with the Mitchell photograph at the same site in the early 1920s.  The rock has tilted in the intervening years. 

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