A partial reconstruction of the Glover family


Henry Douglas Glover (1832-1896) was a solicitor and bank agent in Gatehouse.  He had four sons:  John, Harry, Robert and Douglas.  They are shown in the diagram below.



The second son, Henry Joseph Glover [Harry] (1867-1945) graduated in medicine from Edinburgh University in 1891, served as ship's doctor with the British India line from 1892 to 1895, and spent the years 1895-1920 as a doctor on tea estates in the Cachar district of southern Assam, India.  He also rented the Island cottage from 1907 to 1921.  Why? 

After his retirement from India in 1920, he married in 1924, at the age of 57, when he was living in Oxton, Berwickshire.

A large-scale plan, drawn in 1881, of Labac tea estate and hospital, in southern Assam, where Dr Harry Glover spent his working life between 1895 and 1920

Harry Glover and his wife had one son, Joney (1925-1999).  Joney’s widow, Peggy, came with their two children on the Easter Expedition 2007

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