What happened on Saturday 7 April 2007

The Island visit: Easter Saturday 

We gathered at Isle Mouth from 07.30 a.m.  No-one counted the number of the company, but we must have been well over 100: descendants mainly of Fred Heron, in three generations; a scatter of Mitchells, some Murrays, a few McCullochs and Glovers, and also some unrelated ‘others’ with a special connection to the Island.  We crossed the mud and followed the path over the middle meadow to the cottage.  The Island was serene and lovely in bright morning sunshine.  The sea glittered.   We took down two shutters and many wandered through the cottage, perhaps imagining life there for Fred Heron and his family from 1908 to1919.  Some explored the headland, the 'well' down near the rocks on the seaward side, and the rocky inlet of Freekirk.  We were off the Island by 10.30 before the tide closed. 

Some Mitchell descendants are shown here on the right.




Many participants had come from a distance. Elsie Young, for example – pictured at left in the cottage garden – had come with her husband from New South Wales for this occasion. Facing her is Doreen Farrell, from Dundee. Both are grand-daughters of Fred Heron. In the background is Tony Heron, a surviving son of Fred Heron. In the right foreground are my aunt Vonca and uncle Pat, from Kelso. 

The Gatehouse Community Centre

We converged immediately afterwards at the Community Centre in Gatehouse.  I introduced the project.  There were toasts by Joe Campbell and Owen Lonsdale, to celebrate the spirits of the past and the gathering of their living descendants.  I presented an hour’s slide show which explained the various connections. This was followed by eating and drinking and talking late into the afternoon. Wonderful food was organised by Agnes Heron and Dorothy Squance.


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