Murray family:  a brief record


On the left of this picture is my great-aunt, my father’s Aunt Helen, who lived at Borgue (she is wearing the Murray tartan); on the right, Lady McCulloch (whom we as kids knew as ‘the Old Lady’).  Both are perched here, in 1964, on the back of Jimmy McLachlan’s tractor near the cottage.  Extended negotiations took place between Aunt Helen and Lady McCulloch in 1956 before our first sojourn on the Island in August of that year.


My father, John Murray (1919-1999), in the 1950s.  He was in the navy from 1933 to 1946;  he experienced during WWII the bitter rigours of North Atlantic convoys and the warm waters of the Indian Ocean; and thereafter worked on the land.  He was always a keen sailor.  In his retirement he traced ten generations of Murray family history in the Borders.

He married my mother, Anne Watson (1922-2004), whose family came from Edinburgh, on brief leave in February 1943.  My brother Ian was born in 1944, my sister Deborah in 1947, and myself in 1948. 

My grandfather, John Murray (1893-1981), spent his career in the navy.  My father’s younger full-brother Colin was killed in March 1940 at the age of 17, three weeks after joining the merchant navy.  My parents retired to Margrie, near Knockbrex, in 1979, where my brother remains.  My two daughters Hannah (b. 1982) and Megs (b. 1985) have spent part of almost every summer on the Island throughout their lives.  They love it too.


Successive generations of youth

Colin, Deborah, Ian and Jossy the Shetland collie near the shore, late 1950s

Emily, Kate and their granny (my mother), on the bank outside the cottage,1983


Four cousins at Isle Mouth, 1990s:  Megs, Hannah, Hamish and Kate

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