Mitchells on the Island 1921-1925

Robert Alexander Mitchell (1877-1950) rented the Island cottage in the summer from 1921 to 1925.  Having briefly worked for the solicitor Robert Glover in Gatehouse (see Glover), he was a clerk on the Cally estate, and then moved to St Mary’s Isle, to the Hope-Dunbar estate.  Here, on the left, he is seen in RNVR uniform with his wife Mary Agnes Reid (1878-1940).  RA Mitchell was a keen sailor throughout his life.

A Mitchell family group at Freekirk bay in the early 1920s.  On the right is Granny Mitchell, and next to her John Hogg, her senior son-in-law.  Her two youngest children Jock (1906-1996) and Helen (1912-1997) are in the middle of the photograph at the back.  Jock has his left hand on Helen’s shoulder.

Another Mitchell family group on the Island, forty years later in 1964.  From left to right: Joe Campbell, Bob Mitchell (1899-1988), David Mitchell (the present undertaker in Kirkcudbright), Mary Mitchell and Jock Mitchell.  These five are identified in the genealogy below, as are Joe's mother Helen and David's father Robert (see How it started).

Meg and Fanny Mitchell on the doorstep of the cottage, early 1920s.

Above left, Helen Mitchell as a child in the early 1920s.  Above right, Helen Campbell in 1996, when she recorded ‘A Letter to my Grandchildren’, the year before she died.  Her reminiscences reveal an intense nostalgia for her childhood summer times on Laurie’s Isle:

I was so homesick for Larry that I carried a little bit of tarry string in my pocket so I could take it out and smell it and I was back in the tin hut on the island…” 

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